HR data analytics

advantage360 by AKRON, Inc.

The perfect trifecta for a real business advantage in Human Resources

Moving beyond disparate surveys that collect dust and historically influence little more than payroll, advantage360 uses sophisticated technology and algorithms to answer the question on every Executive’s mind:

How do I gain the ADVANTAGE in my sector?

Why are three survey types bundled? What’s the advantage?

Total Rewards gives your quantitative information needed to make central operational decisions in line with goals.

Culture gives you the temperature of your force. Does your team have the right conditions to get from better to best?

Strategy is qualitative to identify who your company will be in the future and identifies gaps that need filling to reach ultimate goals, healthy profit margins and a consistent advantage over the competition.

AKRON, Inc. leads the way in solving the gap between business advantage and human resources.

In the HR survey world, AKRON, Inc’s advantage360 is the only integrated solution that transcends being a “history report”.
Predictive patterns are identified to propel the client’s course in all three important areas of view.

AKRON has, over the past ten years, in a market packed with power-house industry standard survey data, closely partnered with referral only clientele …. until now

Advantage360 will supply the tools to unlock the potential of every employee, every strategy….every time.